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Programs and Services

The Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO)

The Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario Program provides support for individuals affected by crime and tragic circumstances that is client-centred and culturally-competent.

The menu of services offered by the Program includes:

  • 24/7 assistance when requested by police or emergency services
  • Needs assessment
  • Practical assistance
  • Referrals to relevant community and government support services
  • Support to assess eligibility and apply to the Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP+)
  • Safety planning
  • Provision of information
  • Enhanced support
  • Community support sessions; and
  • Client follow-up

Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP+)

The Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP +) supports direct victims, their immediate family members, and witnesses in the immediate aftermath of violent crimes in Ontario. The program provides short-term financial support with essential expenses in order to lessen the impact of the crime, enhance safety, and meet immediate practical needs arising from the commission of the crime.

VQRP+ is a program of last resort. Timelines and eligibility criteria apply.

For all program inquiries, please contact Victim Services of Nipissing District or follow the link:

Mobile Tracking System Program

The Mobile Tracking System (MTS) is a GPS tracking device provided to individuals at high risk of violence. The program is designed to assist in the prevention of intimate partner violence and criminal harassment. This is a GPS tracking device for persons identified at high risk of experiencing violence.

Given that the MTS is  short term plan, all recipients actively work on other safety measures with the GPS portion acting as only one component of a larger safety plan.